Costa Rica's Love

Our LABL team had the pleasure to travel with Dutilh United Methodist Church in Cranberry Township to Costa Rica. We love these people and we were excited to see a small portion of our huge world with them. Below is a look into just one of the wonderful love filled days we had in the beautiful country. 

Costa Rica Day 5

Today we really got to see Costa Rica. We went Los Guidos, which is one of the locations where Strong Mission hosts a feeding program.

After a 2 hour drive, the bus dropped us off at the top of a hill. As we made our way down the steep hill, each step took us further from our comforts of home and deeper into the dire situation these people face on a daily basis. Our guide Roy took us right off the paved road onto a narrow path.

Walking along the dirt road surrounded by rusty aluminum shacks, stray dogs, free chickens and wire fencing was a surreal experience. It's one thing to see poverty on a large HD TV at home, it's quite another to smell the air, hear the noises and see the sites.

We came to a bend in the road, clearly worn by the thousands of feet who have walked it before us.

"Hola! Hola!" came tiny voices from the metal landing above us.

"Here is the church" Roy said entering into a tiny two story aluminum building no different than the homes that surround it.

The basement had a small kitchen counter, one large picnic table, and a bathroom with no running water. A sheet hung in the corner, giving minimal privacy to a tiny twin bed. Their fellowship hall.

Back outside following the welcoming cheers of children, we climbed metal stairs upstairs. A simple room with chairs lining the walls, a stack of plastic patio chairs in the corner and a small stage where we placed our belongings. Their sanctuary.

This is where God lives. He lives in the community leader for the district who welcomed warmly while holding a tiny baby girl on her hip. He lives in the boys playing soccer with our youth and laughing when we accidentally step in dog caca (poop). He lives in the girls asking us to help make them bracelets and wrap their hair. He lives in the babies coloring, while their young mothers take a much needed break. He lives in the hotdogs, potatoes chips and salad we gave them all so they could have at least one meal today. Most of all, He lives in the love for life these young children display, when so many of us would have given up hope.

We are thankful for today and everyday God gives us. We are thankful for his blessings. Thankful for his love. Thankful for his presences; but most of all, thankful for His hope. Hope that we are forever with him and hope that we can make tomorrow better than today.

To learn more about Strong Mission in Costa Rica, their feeding programs and all the other ways they show God’s love CLICK HERE.