Love all refugees

We at Love And Be Loved are of course about love. Since we are all about love and loving others, our team tries to stay out of all thing political as to not hurt anyone feelings or make anyone upset.

This time, we feel that we must take a stand.

President Trump's executive order to interrupt immigration for a specific people group is wrong. We know this because the McCarrier family exists because a couple of people fought hard against a similar ban to stop immigrants coming from Korea after the Korean War. Korean immigrants were blocked from entering our country for fear that they would cause problems (sound familiar?).

Pamela's grandmother was one of the  many Korean people attempting to flee the war torn Korea for a prospect of peace in a better life in a country that offered freedom. Pamela's grandfather fought tooth and nail to get her and Pamela's father into the United States. She was one of a handful of Korean people allowed to enter our country.

Pamela would not be here if people hadn't fought against an immigration ban. Zoey, our C-E-Oey, wouldn't be here if people hadn't fought against an immigration ban.

Do we believe there are dangerous people in the seven nations included in this executive order? Yes we do. Do we believe that we must protect our borders and our people? Yes of course.

But when you block an entire group haphazardly and ignorantly, you don't just block out the "bad" people. You end up blocking our future wives, our future daughters, our future sons, our future husbands, our fathers, our mothers. You end up blocking generations of AMERICANS.

Please spread the message of Love. Don't get caught up in fear and hate.

We can make America great, but not like this.

We have power as a people, so don't let things like this go by thinking you have no role to play. Speak out against injustice. Support groups who are fighting against injustice.

And put love of God and others before yourself.

If you would like to read the story of Pamela's grandmother, her Aunt Katie Schell wrote a book. Pamela's grandmother as an orphan on the streets of Korea faced not just homelessness and starvation, but military brutality, forced labor, sexual abuse, death and so many more horrors. She is one of the most God loving, giving, generous people we know. She also was an immigrant from a war stricken country.