Every now and then, a certain message sticks out among the rest. Throughout the past couple of months, an overarching message has been clear to me; honesty.

Being honest isn't always easy. We overlook it in society today. We hide our imperfections, we had our true selves, and we put up our best self-portrait for everyone to see. Ignore this trend in society, turn away from it and be honest. If you need help, ask for it because there are those close to you willing to help. Let people love you for who you are; those that do will be those that will be by your side through it all. 

Honesty is something I struggle with. So let's work together to become more honest with ourselves, friends, family, people, and God. I bet our relationships will become stronger than ever. 

Be you. You are uniquely special, and remember you are loved,

Dakota (Social Media Guy)